We want to recruit and retain the best people - join our workforce in Norfolk and Waveney

Our workforce is in excess of 55,000 people taking on hundreds of different types of roles including doctors, nurses and paramedics, social workers, physical and mental health therapists, porters and reception teams and estates teams making sure that the facilities you visit are clean, safe and welcoming.

We include our ‘unpaid workforce’ in this - people working as volunteers and carers have as much as an impact on people needing care as anyone else. An example of a day in the life of one of our employing organisations can be seen here and demonstrates the wide variety of roles, working environments, and impact our workforce has on others

We have designed four ambitions:

  • Developing new roles and new ways of working. We will continue to ‘grow our own’ workforce which means we will provide routes into health and care roles for anyone from school leavers to more mature members of our population. We will provide people with on the job training to develop the skills and competencies needed for different roles, and we will also support people with higher educational qualifications to develop their careers further.

  • Providing leadership. We will work with organisations to help staff from different organisations work differently "as one organisation” because our patients access services across our whole system and it is important that the experience is the same wherever people are. We will also make sure that we encourage the sharing and development of talented individuals across the system to improve our health and social care services.

  • We will ensure our workforce has the right skills to deliver care. We will continue to provide access to training and development for our staff and students on placements. We will also make sure that we develop people so that in the future we have a workforce that is able to deliver care based on our population's changing needs.

  • We will make Norfolk and Waveney a first choice employer. We will work together to create attractive employment offers, support flexible working, provide opportunities for people to have varied roles working across a number of sites, and retain valuable skills and knowledge.

This is some of what our STP is doing to strengthen our workforce:

  • National pioneer for Nursing Associates – 168 commencing training to be Nursing Associates in social care (collaborating with University of East Anglia and Midwifery and Nursing Council)
  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Targeted recruitment campaigns in key areas
  • New Physician Associates being trained
  • New GP assistants will be recruited for local GP surgeries
  • Increasing the number of Advanced Care Practitioners - this role enables clinicians to work at the top of their licence in between a clinical specialist and a medical practitioner.
  • Focussing on retention and resilience of staff; improving appraisal rates, acting upon staff survey results, and increasing understanding of reasons for turnover

 ECCH Staff edit