Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust has introduced a new remote-monitoring service for people living with heart and lung diseases. The service equips people with the tools and information they need to better manage their health while providing fast access to a heart failure nurse and consultant when needed. As well as offering more patient friendly care, the Trust reports a reduction in A&E admissions among a group of high-dependency patients, and the amount of days they spend in hospital beds. This is part of a wider programme to deliver better outcomes for patients by using technology.

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Tony RobinsonOne patient already benefitting from this technology is 83-year-old Tony Robinson, a retired transport driver with heart failure. Tony is using a new remote-monitoring service for people living with heart and lung diseases. 

Tony said: “It provides great peace of mind and lots of people say how well I seem. Some people might be afraid of trying out new technology, but I try to advise them how good it is.”

He receives an automated call every day, at 11am, and gives readings for his weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse. His wife, Jan Robinson, 72, a retired auxiliary nurse, said: “It is very reassuring for me. If we have a problem, we are straight through to the heart failure nurse – and consultant if necessary – in a very short space of time. The problem is sorted out, usually through medication, and we don’t have to go back into hospital or see a GP. It saves a lot of waiting for doctors and cuts out a lot of anxiousness.”