Many GP practices across Norfolk and Waveney have begun to offer patients online consultations - in addition to all the other ways of contacting your practice.
It means people are getting the help they want quicker and more conveniently. For practices it reduces the pressure on phone lines and helps them keep face to face appointments for those who really need it.

It is being made possible by using a new type of website being introduced, practice by practice. 

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Video consultations

Video consultations require significant investment in IT, and the current IT infrastructure used by the NHS (called the ‘N3’) is not sufficient in Norfolk and Waveney. This is why we are working to upgrade systems with the new ‘Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) which has a greater bandwidth. It will be some time before this is ready. When it is, GP practices will be invited to trial video consultations. We do not expect this to happen in the short term.