Digital quote Long Term Plan

Across the country, the NHS and its partners are working incredibly hard to use technology to help people stay healthy and make it easier for them to access the right services for their needs. Our aim over all is to empower people to to manage their health through digital tools and services, taking a more preventative approach and staying healthy for longer. This will include:

  • A safe and secure way for patients to get online access to clinicians, advice and personalised health information 
  • The greater convenience, expected in today’s digital age, of accessing trusted health advice and tools from your own devices
  • Patients’ health will be remotely monitored, so problems can be identified early
  • Primary care will be ‘digital first’, freeing up clinician time for longer face-to-face consultations when needed

We have already made great strides with these ambitions across the country, as the following graph shows. 

Digital Key Programmes

Across Norfolk and Waveney we are looking for new and innovative ways to care for our patients and residents. This will mean using technology, new devices and better IT. That's exactly what the NHS Long Term Plan calls for. So this diagram shows our priorities locally. And we're pleased that our STP has been awarded more than £7m to fund our digital transformation work.  

You can view our digital strategy for 2019 - 2024 here.

Tony Robinson SquareWe already have some great initiatives underway across Norfolk and Waveney which show how a better use of technology is making it easier for patients and residents to use local health and care services. Here are some examples.

Tony Robinson, 83, a retired transport driver with heart failure is one of many to benefit from the introduction of a new remote-monitoring service for people living with heart and lung diseases.

The NHS is procuring a new IT system which will enable local GP practices across Norfolk and Waveney to offer online patient consultations.