Our vision is that every cancer patient in Norfolk and Waveney has better outcomes and equal access to consistently safe and effective, high quality cancer care.

Cancer graphicOur vision is based upon an increase in awareness and prevention, quicker diagnosis, improved experience for people when they are diagnosed and treated and more help for people living with and beyond their cancer diagnoses.

Why is cancer a priority?

Improving the outcomes for people affected by cancer is a national and local priority. Our STP cancer workstream is dedicated to helping more people survive cancer and have a better quality of life.

What do we want to do?

We are working in partnership with local commissioners, care providers, patient and carer representatives and the East of England Cancer Alliance to:

  • Implement nationally-defined best practice pathways for lung, prostate, colorectal and breast cancers
  • Develop a 'local vague symptoms' pathway
  • Establish outreach community cancer nursing services
  • Help people be more aware of the signs and symptoms and how to reduce your risk of getting cancer.

What are we doing?

Working with STP clinical steering groups that have patient and carer representatives we are identifying the changes  and investment needed to local cancer care to:

  • Implement STP wide pathways for lung, prostate, colorectal and breast cancer which meet nationally defined standards of best practice
  • Develop three outreach community cancer nursing services (in King’s Lynn, Norwich and Great Yarmouth)
  • Establish a GP guidance pathway for people presenting with vague symptoms
  • Enhance cancer prevention and awareness.

Find out more about some of the many things we have achieved so far.