What have people told us so far they would like to see in our five year plan?

To help develop our five year plan we've started to pull together all the feedback we've had from recent research, engagement and consultations into one report. You can read our interim report here - we'll be adding more to it. 

In the spring, Healthwatch Norfolk also conducted some early engagement to help with the development of our plan. They conducted two surveys – one for the general public and one about long-term conditions – as well as six workshops across Norfolk and Waveney. 610 people completed the surveys and 101 people attended the workshops. Thank you to everyone who took part. 

Read their report - it makes interesting reading and gives us a lot to reflect on. It might just inspire you too and we'd love for you to continue to share your ideas about what you'd like to see in our five year plan for health and care - join our online conversation.

We will be use all the feedback in the Healthwatch Norfolk report, from our previous engagement and our crowdsourcing site to help develop our plan over the summer, before we submit a first draft to NHS England towards the end of September.

There will be further opportunity for engagement and discussion as we finalise our plan during the autumn.


Developing our Adult Mental Health Strategy 

Over the past year we have been developing our Adult Mental Health Strategy for Norfolk and Waveney. We have spoken to thousands of local people about the services and support available across Norfolk and Waveney for adults with mental health problems; people with mental health issues, families and carers, professionals and volunteers.

These have been productive and often very tough conversations because we have heard some difficult stories. We have also been told very clearly that the current provision of local support and services simply isn’t working in the way people want and need it to. 

Our final strategy will be signed-off at the end of April 2019. Read our draft of the strategy to find out more about what people have told us about mental health services and how this has influenced our thinking.

Our draft strategy has six commitments in it which are based on what people have told us:  
1. To increase our focus on prevention and wellbeing
2. To make the routes into and through mental health services more clear and easy to understand for everyone
3. To support the management of mental health issues in primary care settings (such as within your GP practice)
4. To provide appropriate support for those people who are in crisis
5. To ensure effective in-patient care for those that need it most (that being beds in hospitals are other care facilities)
6. To ensure the whole system is focused on working in an integrated way to care for patients

To develop our strategy we held three large public events in November 2017. These reports summarise the feedback we received at each event - where possible the feedback is presented verbatim: 

Notes from the public event held in Lowestoft on 7 November 2018

Notes from the public event held in Kings Lynn on 14 November 2018

Notes from the public event held in Norwich on 19 November 2018

To start the development of our strategy we held an event in May 2018 called 'Breaking the Mould'. Attendees included people with lived experience of mental health services, carers, providers of physical and mental health services, adult and children social care services, the voluntary and community sector, commissioners, and clinicians from primary and secondary care. Here is our report summarising the feedback from the event: 

Breaking the Mould event report

Discussing the future of health and care in Norfolk and Waveney  

Between November 2017 and April 2018, we held a series of public events to discuss the future of health and care locally. These looked at different aspects of care, including local GP services, our hosptials, how health and care services could work more closely together and what we could do to keep people healthy, well and more in control of their own long-term health.

These events provided an opportunity for people to find out more about how health and care services are working together to make services fit for the future, and they provided us with invaluable feedback which we've used to help shape our work. Here are our reports from the events summarising the feedback we received: 

Report from Lowestoft event

Report from Taverham, King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth events